Invitation to participate in our beta program

Gig Performer beta program for qualified beta testers for OS X 10.9 or greater and for Windows 7 or greater (64-bit Windows only)

Deskew Technologies, LLC runs a continuous beta program for Gig Performer due to our policy of frequent updates with new features/enhancements based on the needs of our users (and ourselves for that matter).

We would like to invite qualified users who already have a valid license for the most recently released version of Gig Performer to participate in our beta program.

Due to the extraordinary interest in Gig Performer we can accept only a small number of new users into this beta program and we apologize if we currently do not have room for more users.

If you are interested, please download, read carefully, sign and return our NDA  via email or private message to the person who invited you.



  1. What is Gig Performer?
    Gig Performer is an audio plugin host designed for musicians (keyboard players, guitarists, drummers, vocalists and so on) who perform both live and in the studio.
  2. Why must I already be a licensed Gig Performer user?
    Participation is very important to us. We have found that users who have already purchased Gig Performer and who regularly visit our community forums have a vested interested in its evolution and will be more likely to contribute to the beta process.
  3. If I am chosen for the beta, will I get a free upgrade to new versions of Gig Performer as it becomes available?
    This is at our discretion. If you are providing on-going feedback and generally interacting with us and others in the beta group then probably. However, we will not guarantee this up front simply because we don’t want to have to debate with individual users as to whether they participated sufficiently.
  4. What do I have to do to be a successful beta tester?
    A big part of this is participating in our private forums, making suggestions where appropriate, reporting bugs you discover along with steps for how to reproduce them. It’s equally important to report that you tested against your gigfiles and everything worked properly. You need to understand that beta applications can have problems so you have to be willing to manage your backups so that you can always get back to your official version when necessary.