List of Types

Primitive types

type Boolean

This represents a boolean type, which essentially means: Values of this type can only have two values: true and false. This makes it well-suited for logical operations.

type Double

This represents decimal (floating point 1) numbers. For most purposes, operations with them behave exactly like they would on a calculator. All numbers with a decimal point that you write in GPScript are interpreted as Double.

type Integer

This type represents integers. Because of that, some operations behave differently as when performed with Double. For example, the result of 3 / 2 is not 1.5 as this would not be an integer but a decimal number. Instead, the decimal part is cut off and the result is actually 1. All numbers without a decimal point that you write in GPScript are interpreted as Integer.

type Int

Just an alias for Integer. You can use both terms interchangeably, but this documentation will be sticking to Integer in every code sample.

Opaque and Hybrid types

type ADSR

global only

type AfterTouchMessage
type AutoSustainer
type Block
type ChordRecognizer
type Continuous
type ControlChangeMessage
type CurveComponent
type Discrete
type ExternalApplication
type ExternalWidget
type Generator
type MidiInBlock
type MidiInDeviceAlias
type MidiMessage
type MidiOutBlock
type MidiSequence
type MultiChannelNoteTracker
type NoteMapper
type NoteMessage
type NoteTracker
type OSCMessage
type Parameter
type PitchBendMessage
type PolyTouchMessage
type ProgramChangeMessage
type String
type Subrange
type SysexManager
type SysexMessage
type ThresholdDetector
type Widget



GPScript uses 64-bit floating point numbers.