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Gig Performer 3.x User Manual

The General tab appears when the Preferences command is chosen in the Options menu, or when its shortcut is used.


Scan for new/changed plugins on startup–When enabled, Gig Performer will check for new or updated plugins every time it starts. It’s generally a good idea to leave this enabled unless you’re certain that your plugins have not been updated since you last used Gig Performer. If you’re wondering why your latest plugin or update isn’t appearing, not scanning for plugins is the most probable cause. (See Troubleshooting for more information.)

Load last GIG file on startup–When enabled, Gig Performer will load the last .gig file that was used.

Note: you can temporarily prevent Gig Performer from loading the last gig file by holding down the SHIFT key while starting Gig Performer. Keep it down until the main Gig Performer window has finished initializing.

Switch to last active rackspace–When enabled, Gig Performer will switch to the rackspace that was active when the .gig file was last saved. Otherwise, the first rackspace will be activated.

Check for updates automatically–Unless you’re actually on tour, it’s probably useful to keep this option enabled so that you are informed of updates.

Note: Updating any critical-path software while on tour or otherwise engaged in a production project is strongly discouraged until you have tested the update to ensure that it is functioning correctly.


Check Now –Click on this button to manually check for updates. Note: This requires an internet connection.

Show plugin information when mouse is over the plugin block–When enabled, moving the mouse over blocks in the connection view will cause a popup tooltip to appear with information about the plugin.

Maximum number of channels to display in blocks–This option prevents plugins from showing more than a specified number of audio channels. Some plugins have a large number of audio channels, most of which may never be used, making their blocks unwieldy to view and causing them to take up a lot of space in Connections View. Note that the value entered here does not apply to the audio interface Audio In and Audio Out blocks.

Open plugin window when inserted–When checked, the plugin editor window will open automatically whenever a plugin is inserted. Disable this feature if you prefer to create many plugin blocks first and edit them all later.

Keep plugin windows on top–When enabled, open plugin window editors always appear on top of other windows

Always show widget groups–When you gang multiple widgets together, the widget group to which they belong (lettered A through Z) is displayed on the top left of the widget while editing. If you would like that widget group name to stay on while NOT editing, enable this option.

Master trim level on startup–The master trip is normally reset to 0db when you start Gig Performer. You can change that initial startup value by adjusting this slider