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Gig Performer 4.x User Manual

The Locations tab appears when the Locations... menu item is chosen in the Options menu:


This screen allows you to change three different locations.

Content - this is the main (root) content folder of Gig Performer folder structure. In this chapter you can see the default file locations in Gig Performer, and this main folder is easy accessible through Window -> Open Content Folders.

ChordPro - changing the location of the root folder that contains ChordPro files is also supported. Note that The Chords/Lyrics Editor can only open ChordPro files located in this folder. Refer to the ChordPro chapter for more information.

Audio Cache - this is the folder where your Streaming Audio File Player cached files are stored. If you change this location, you can delete the old location to save disk space.

"…" button - opens a dialog for locating the folder you want to designate as the root folder.

Reset button - reverts any user defined folder path to the Gig Performer's default.

Note: Changing the default location does not move files from the corresponding sub-folders to the new ones. Certain features such as favorites, presets, saved widget curves will be unavailable until you relocate their files to the new location.