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Gig Performer 4.x User Manual

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What is new in Gig Performer 4.7?

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Gig Performer 4.7 introduced many new useful features as well as numerous improvements to existing features. Major features included in v4.7 are an Auto Sampler, a Streaming Audio File Player, a Timeline, a revamped Plugin Manager, updates to the Rig Manager and much, much more. Keep reading to find out more.

More in this chapter:
cicon9 Auto Sampler
cicon9 Streaming Audio File Player
cicon9 Timeline Actions
cicon9 Radio Groups
cicon9 Widget Improvements
cicon9 Revamped Plugin Manager
cicon9 Plugins in Use
cicon9 Improvements to the Rig Manager
cicon9 Easy Instance Synchronization
cicon9 Other Features and Enhancements