Desktop sharing support instructions

In some cases we may need to work with you directly to solve a problem. In this case we will normally want to do a desktop sharing where we access your desktop screen while talking to you either by phone or via IM so that we can see the issue ourselves. Note that we can only access your desktop with your explicit permission and once the session is over, we will not be able to access your screen (or computer) again in the future without going through the same steps.

You will be given (via email, phone or IM) a code to use to allow the connection. Please have that code ready.

To initiate a desktop sharing session, please click here. A new window or tab will open in your browser and you will be prompted to JOIN with a code.

Type in the code and press the Arrow Button. You will be asked to download a client program. This is the program that will make the connection to allow us to see your desktop. Please accept the download and open it. If you already have the client installed, due to a previous remote sharing session, you will not have to download it again, you will simply be prompted to launch it.