To Save Or Not To Save – Global Master Volume

To Save Or Not To Save – Global Master Volume

We released version 1.5.2 a few days ago but we continue to move full steam ahead designing and implementing numerous other features that we (and customers) want to see in Gig Performer.

One item that was requested a long time ago was a master volume control that would just raise or lower the overall output of all rackspaces. We were very mixed (no pun intended) about this feature. On the one hand, we believe it makes sense to get all your levels right within each rackspace so that you never have to tweak overall volumes. In particular, your overall levels should never change during the show. That’s certainly the way that I work with both bands in which I perform. This works because both bands use the famed Behringer X32 (@BEHRINGER) mixer so our relative mixes never change from show to show and our FOH engineer just has to EQ the room.

On the other hand, not everybody has that kind of a system and we recognize that if you play in different venues and are using the house PA system, you may have no choice but to tweak your overall volume yourself and so it’s obviously much easier to do this with a master volume.

But in deciding to implement this feature, we had to make some other decisions.

  1. Should the value of the master control be stored with the gig so that every time you load a specific gig, you get that modified volume applied? Or
  2. Should the value be stored as a preference so that it applies to all gigs? Or
  3. Should it not be stored at all so that every time you load a gig, that master volume is reset to 0dB, i.e, no impact?
  4. Should we allow remote control of the master volume via MIDI or OSC?

After a few arguments and scenario considerations, we decided that, no, the value should not be saved and no, it should not have remote control. For the former, our thinking is that this master volume should be considered a temporary override and when you get to your next show, whether it’s the same gig or a different one, it should always default to 0dB to prevent an accidental wrong override. For the latter (no remote control) we decided that the point of this control is to compensate for an overall mix issue, it’s not something that you are supposed to change during the show.

We also decided that if you tweak that master volume control, it should be blatantly obvious. So here’s what it looks like:

Value = 0dB: 

Value > 0dB: 

Value < 0dB: 

So as of right now, if you tweak that control at all, it’s visually obvious. By the way, double-clicking will reset it to 0dB.

Share your thoughts on our forum. Do you think we got it right or can you imagine a scenario where a different choice would have made more sense?