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Gig Performer 4.x User Manual

The Song Part Properties dialog in Gig Performer 3 included the ability to create a MIDI message hex string that can be used to help you create special purpose MIDI messages to be sent out when selecting song parts (as indicated with screenshot A):


However, you had to click on the Open helper tool link and be connected to the Internet if you wanted to use the online MIDI to Hexstring Generator Tool which was hosted on Gig Performer website. In Gig Performer 4 this mechanism has been replaced by the new MIDI Helper Tool through which you can easily create the desired messages interactively. To open this tool, click on the Edit button, as indicated with the red rectangle on the screenshot B.

Below you can see a comparison between the online tool (A) and the MIDI Helper Tool (B) for which an Internet connection is not needed:


For more information about the MIDI Helper Tool, refer to the Song Part Properties chapter. This tool is also used in MIDI Out blocks to send arbitrary sequences of MIDI messages (including SysEx) when a rackspace is activated.