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Gig Performer 4.x User Manual

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What is new in Gig Performer 4?

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Gig Performer 4 introduces many new useful features as well as numerous improvements to existing features. The user interface has a better look, new widgets are available, an optimized input method is provided for touch screens, and much, much more. Read sections in this chapter to find out more exciting new features.

More in this chapter:
cicon9 Improved user interface
cicon9 Global Rackspace
cicon9 New widgets
cicon9 New Scaling component
cicon9 New plugins
cicon9 MIDI File Player
cicon9 Improvements to the Wiring view
cicon9 Improvements to the Song Lyrics/Chords Editor
cicon9 MIDI Helper Tool
cicon9 Tuner improvements
cicon9 Probabilistic Sound Designer
cicon9 Save one or more plugins as favorites
cicon9 Drag and drop support
cicon9 Other enhancements
cicon9 Breaking changes for Gig Performer 3 users