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Gig Performer 3.x User Manual


This menu is discussed in the Plugin Right-click menu section.


Plugin Presets contextual menu


Load… -Loads a Gig Performer preset file (gpp.audiounit or gpp.vst).

Save… -Saves a Gig Performer gpp.audiounit or gpp.vst preset file. The preset is saved in a folder named for the plugin, which is in the folder ~/Documents/GPPluginPresets.

Import FXP/FXB File… - Import a VST preset file. FXP is an individual preset, FXB is a bank of presets. Not all VST plugins are compatible with the FXP/FXB format. Most of those that are compatible are audio plugins.

Enable Random Parameter Generator (experimental)– A bit of fun included for play. Randomizes widget values to generate random patches.

Built-In Presets –Some plugins include presets, most commonly factory presets. If a plugin has any such built-in presets, then will show up in this drop-down menu.

Cancel –This command simply closes the menu.