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Gig Performer 3.x User Manual


What's new in Gig Performer 3.5

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Gig Performer 3.5 has several new features,  updates and improvements

Panel widget with controllable color, transparency and roundness

Control the z-order of widgets

Initial master trim value can be specified as an option

New file format that improves loading time significantly, particularly on Windows

Popup menus have an outline for more visibility

Improved handling of touch/pen devices

Switching to previous part from the first part of a song now goes to the last part of the previous song

Added scripting functions to switch song parts and move up/down through song parts

Added some more scaling functions to GP Script

Internal enhancements to improve stability and efficiency of our DSP engine

Channel metering is more efficient

Improved global metering process for better accuracy

Improved widget handling in edit mode when responding to parameter changes

Enhancements to handling plugin substitutions and updated versions

Fixed some string handling issues in GP Script

Some invalid characters are now correctly detected as errors during compilation

OSC: /SelectSongPart is now deprecated. Use /Song/SwitchToPart [<int> | <string>] instead

"Recall on load" and "Recall on activate" options are improved

Fixed problem where the global play button would reset its state after entering edit mode

Fixed problem where pasting a script from a webpage might not compile due to non-breaking spaces

Fixed problem where an OSC message was not sent when changing the BPM value

Fixed an issue where deleting a block used in GP Script could subsequently crash Gig Performer

Fixed a problem where trying to save a Lyrics/Chords file without having a song could crash Gig Performer