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Gig Performer 3.x User Manual


DAMAR Software Licensing System

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Note: If you are a new Gig Performer user, you can ignore this section completely.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Deskew Technologies has moved to a new software licensing system. While the new system should have no impact on your regular use of Gig Performer, you will need to reactivate Gig Performer using the email address and license code you received when you purchased (or upgraded to) Gig Performer 3 and Gig Performer will start up in its regular 14-day trial mode until you do so. Until you reactivate, Gig Performer will display a dialog to remind you that you are running in trial mode.

To prevent any disruption, please activate your license as soon as possible. You will need to be connected to the internet to perform the activation.