Gig Performer 5 Release Notes

New Features

  • GP Relayer plugin – share audio and MIDI between multiple GP instances and between GP and your DAW
  • Wiring activity displays audio and MIDI signals as they pass through each plugin
  • Envelope Follower plugin – generates MIDI values representing current volume of audio input
  • ChordMaker plugin – map individual notes to chords and block individual notes
  • Rechannelizer plugin – send incoming messages out on multiple MIDI channels
  • Lightweight MIDI Transposer plugin
  • Streaming Audio File Player now supports time stretching and pitch shifting
  • Song part automation – you can now define actions that will be triggered automatically when you switch song parts
  • New internal MIDI Out (GP Local Port) makes it easier to map the output from plugins that generate MIDI to widgets


Important Updates and Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where incoming MIDI could crash GP if GP was starting to quit
  • Incoming OSC messages are ignored while gigfile is being loaded
  • Added [notename] as a variable for use in label captions – converts an integer to a note name
  • The Streaming Audio File Player now supports “Pause”
  • Automation triggers can now be temporarily disabled at startup
  • MIDI Learning a widget is now considered a “change” so you’re prompted to save your gig file if you quit
  • The Variation Direct Access option now works for song parts as well as variations
  • The System Actions plugin now supports many more commands
  • Many new GP Script system functions
  • The to/from Global Rackspace plugins now support MIDI
  • Stuck notes no longer occur when you change splits
  • The Global Rackspace button is now on the main panel, making it easier to access from any view
  • The GP-SDK has more functionality
  • Added menu option to clear the recent files list
  • It is no longer necessary to hold the SHIFT key down to copy widgets from global rackspace to local rackspace to capture the mapped parameters
  • Optional refresh mechanism for use when plugin does not notifiy host of preset change or state reload
  • MIDI Monitor windows now have a button to copy MIDI messages to clipboard
  • The OSC subsystem now support /handle/LoadGPPreset <string> so that you can load a GPUserPreset into any plugin (experimental)
  • Midi In Blocks no longer send out Note Off information when changing variations if the transpose value hasn’t changed
  • Fix for issue where changing MasterTrim from a system action was crashing GP on Sonoma
  • Added timeline action to generate a metronome click
  • Fixed crash while loading and the mouse is hovering over a plugin
  • Numerous other bug fixes and optimizations

GP Script Improvements

  • A widget can now be appended to an array using <- as an operator
  • Global rackspace can now respond can now respond to song and song part changes
  • Global rackspace now supports On SystemEvent Matching GigLoaded callback
  • Changing an OSC callback address no longer responds to previous callback address
  • Added GetCurrentSongPartIndex function
  • Open Songs/Lyrics Editor via GP Script now works properly multiple times
  • ParameterValueChanged callbacks for discrete parameter are no longer called if the discrete value didn’t change
  • Added functions for converting between linear and dB values
  • Added system functions to send widgets behind or in front of another widget
  • Added system function to set the bounds of one widget to that of another widget (which makes it easy to position one widget on top of another)