requires macOS 10.9* or newer
prices in USD




requires Windows 7 or newer – 64 bit
prices in USD




requires macOS 10.9*+/Windows 7+ 64bit
prices in USD

* GP Relayer function on Mac requires minimum MacOS 10.14 for the GP Relayer VST plugin

Our licensing model is extremely straightforward:

Your Gig Performer® license will NEVER expire. Install on as many as five computers simultaneously.

The macOS + Windows bundle license includes up to 10 activations – 5 Windows computers and 5 macOS computers.

(All prices in USD. The appropriate sales tax for your region or country will be added during the checkout process)

Academic discount offer for students and educators

Gig Performer has a No Discount policy

Upgrade pricing

If you purchased Gig Performer 4 directly from Deskew in March  2024 or later, you will receive the upgrade FREE OF CHARGE. Eligible customers will be notified how to retrieve new keys soon after Gig Performer 5 is released.

Customers who purchased or upgraded to  Gig Performer 4 directly from Deskew before March 2024 are entitled to discounted pricing as are Plugin Alliance customers using the PA Unlocked version of Gig Performer 4.58 or earlier.

Please check the table to see your upgrade price. If you are eligible for discounted pricing, please click here to submit your upgrade request and include your proof of purchase.

  • Mar 2024 - May 2024


  • Sep 2023 - Feb 2024


  • Mar 2023 - Aug 2023


  • Sep 2022 - Feb 2023


  • Aug 2022 and earlier


  • Gig Performer 3 and older


  • Plugin Alliance customers