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Gig Performer 4.x User Manual

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Most users will find everything they need in Gig Performer's extensive feature set, but there are always some users that require sophisticated custom functions that go beyond Gig Performer's main feature set. For those users, we have created a proprietary programming language called GPScript. GPScript enables you to perform incredible transformations and perform complex tasks. While any language takes some understanding of programming, GPScript is written to be accessible. If you can program spreadsheet macros or in a language such as VBA, you are likely to be comfortable with GPScript.

GPScript can now be used to implement your own MIDI processing plugin filters using the new Scriptlet plugin in Gig Performer 4. While it has always been possible to create scripts for individual rackspaces, you can now create scripts at the song level and at the gig level. The Gig level script has some powerful features for efficiently rerouting incoming MIDI events, creating system wide keyboard macro shortcuts and for sending commands out to hardware when songs or rackspaces change.

Because GPScript will not be needed by most people and requires substantial documentation of its own, we will not cover it in this manual in great detail. However, if you are interested, check out this simple example to get started: How to control multiple parameters with a single widget.

Additionally, you can find an introduction to the GPScript language in this blog entry: The GPScript programming language.

GPScript documentation can be found here (also accessible via the Help menu-> Documentation):
- System function list
- Language manual

For discussion of GPScript and help getting it to do what you need, check out the GPScript section in the Gig Performer Community.


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