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Gig Performer 3.x User Manual


What's new in Gig Performer 3.6

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Gig Performer 3.6 includes the following changes and fixes

You can now choose MIDI devices that should not be opened by Gig Performer
This is mainly useful for Windows users where many MIDI drivers do not allow multiple applications to open the same MIDI port, thereby preventing a plugin from being able to open a MIDI port to communicate with proprietary hardware

The main audio input/output blocks now support OSC and GPScript

Gig Performer for OS X is notarized for Catalina (OS X 10.15)

Added a GPScript function to create a Sysex message from a string

Added GPScript function to get the song count and a song name at a given index

Added a GPScript function and an OSC message to request the caption of a widget

Gig Performer now uses the DAMAR software licensing system
Users of earlier versions of Gig Performer 3.x will need to reactivate this version but can do so using their existing 3.x license.

Some internal DSP improvements

Fixed problem where selecting multiple widgets, moving with mouse and then move with keyboard would reset positions

Fixed problem where audio tail length was dependent on the number of output channels

Fixed a crash in GP Script when handling OSC messages received very quickly

Fixed bug where Midi In block could get a different name from the one user saved with

Fixed bug where a button widget was not always updating its label properly when the value changed

Fixed bug where clicking on the virtual keyboard of a MidiOut Block did not send out MIDI events

Fixed a problem where customized caption field could be enabled when it shouldn't be.

Fixed problem where users on tablet-like devices running in portrait mode could not resize Chords/lyrics window properly

Fixed problem where trying to reset PC numbers for rackspaces or songs with starting values greater than 127 was not working correctly

Fixed problem where MaxScaledNote Velocity (a MidiIn Block parameter) was never displayed

Fixed bug where program changes sent through MidiOut blocks didn't obey channel remapping

Fixed bug where bypassing MidiOut blocks wasn't working