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Gig Performer 4.x User Manual

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How to connect a widget to a plugin parameter?

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To connect a widget to a plugin parameter, first switch to the Wiring view, right click on the empty surface to open the contextual menu, and then select and insert the desired plugin (e.g. a Gain and Balance Control, as indicated with the red arrow):


Alternatively, you can use the Quick plugin finder to add plugins in the Wiring view. Afterward, switch to the Panels view, Edit mode and drag the desired widget onto a panel surface (e.g. a Plastic Blue Knob, as indicated with the red arrow):


Click on the plugin drop-down menu in the Mapping section of the Widget Properties inspector, (as indicated with the red rectangle) and select the desired plugin (in this case, the Gain and Balance plugin, as indicated with the red rectangle):


To select the actual parameter, do one of the following:

1.Simply navigate through this list using the scroll bar and select the desired parameter (e.g. Gain),

2.Start typing part of the parameter name into the search box to restrict the visible list of parameters to those matching what you have typed so far:

3.Click on the Learn Parameter button; a plugin's editor opens automatically and the background of this button turns red, indicating that you entered into the Learn mode. Simply click on the desired control (indicated with the red arrow) and the parameter will automatically be selected in the parameter list:
Click on the Learn Parameter button again to turn off the learning mode.

Note: every when you move the widget control, its parameter number displays, e.g. "Param #0" (indicated with the blue rectangle); this means that this parameter is the first in the parameter list (counting starts from 0) and below the common parameters "Bypass Plugin" and "Open/Close Plugin Editor". This display is specifically intended for advanced users wishing to control a parameter directly from GPScript or OSC and need to know the actual parameter number.

Test your configuration by moving the Plastic Blue Knob widget - if you successfully learned the parameter, the gain control in the plugin window should move accordingly (and vice-versa).  

Tip: you can use a Text label widget to display a transparent note. Leave the "no plugin" mapping and change the widget value to 0 for the highest transparency; increasing this value (up to 100) decreases the transparency effect.

If Gig Performer detects unnamed plugin parameters, it displays them as e.g. Param 5, Param 6, Param 7 (visit this KB article to learn more).