Powerful Audio Plugin Host for your Live Performance

Gig Performer empowers musicians to manage and perform with their virtual instruments creating an exceptionally lightweight, and simultaneously powerful live performance experience.

Whether you are a keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, drummer or even Front Of House engineer, Gig Performer will give you unmatched power, ease of performance, and flexibility when you perform live.

Gig Performer Audio Plugin Host for macOS and Windows

Professional Sound, Small Footprint

Gig Performer® is the ultimate tool for performing live on stage. With Gig Performer, the days of heavy gear, lots of cables, and complex set ups can be gone forever. Simply create sounds from your favorite plug ins, and feel the freedom from heavy gear and the excitement of playing your studio quality virtual instruments and effects at your shows.

Intuitive Sound Management

Create, organize and switch between sounds with ease. No need to be bogged down by technical details. You can simply focus on your performance and let Gig Performer do the heavy lifting.

Gig Performer Audio Plugin Host in Setlist view for Windows PC
Gig Performer Audio Plugin Host Mappable Widgets on Windows laptop

Freedom from Hardware Limitations

Gig Performer frees you from the workflows of traditional set ups – Heavy gear and managing channel strips can be a thing of the past so you can focus on building your sounds quickly. Replace bulky pedal boards with a flexible Gig Performer effects unit that preserves audio tails and completely eliminates jumps in volume. Host studio quality audio effects with ultra-low latency, delivering a high-quality, crystal clear performance for your audience to enjoy.


With Gig Performer® , there is no need for multiple heavy keyboards to achieve excellence because you can host an unlimited amount of instruments all within the software ensuring not only convenience, but exceptional sound quality. Create sounds with ease, organize them into setlists, and move between them all without ever touching your laptop. No more heavy gear. No more limitations of onboard sounds.

Laptop with Gig Performer on stage with two Warr Guitars

Guitarists and Bassists

Say goodbye to heavy pedal boards and hello to the most robust, powerful, and sonically pleasing effects unit there is. Create effects chains more flexible than you can imagine on a pedal board, and switch between sounds with a single press of a button all while preserving audio tails and eliminating jumps in volume.

Front of House

Gig Performer’s ultra-low latency allows you to use your studio plug-ins in your live sound workflow. Imagine accessing your favorite effects through Gig Performer running in tandem with your sound board.  Effortlessly record your live performances, and even save your audio effects on a per song basis to sync with time. The days of being limited only to what is in your desk are over, and the days of hand picking the most valuable effects to showcase your bands sound have arrived.

Sound engineer Matteo Cifelli mixing sound in an arena concert.




requires macOS 10.9* or newer
prices in USD




requires Windows 7 or newer – 64 bit
prices in USD




requires macOS 10.9*+/Windows 7+ 64bit
prices in USD

* GP Relayer function on Mac requires minimum MacOS 10.14 for the GP Relayer VST plugin


Gig Performer® runs on both macOS (Universal for Intel and Apple Silicon) and MS Windows so you can enjoy its benefits on whichever platform you are most familiar. You’ll also enjoy full OSC support. You can use touch surfaces such as Lemur or TouchOSC to control Gig Performer®, as well as applications such as Max for even more sophisticated control.

Gig Performer® supports VST and VST3 formats on both macOS and MS Windows, as well as the AU (Audio Unit) format on macOS.

Elevate Your Performance with Gig Performer®

Gig Performer®  is a live performance host that revolutionizes both performance management and sound creation, offering a live music performance solution that is both exceptionally powerful, and easy to use.

Sounds are built in rackspaces, controlled with mappable widgets, and organized into song parts. Choosing Gig Performer®  means less time spent preparing your computer, an exceptionally stable performance experience, and more time making music.

Focus On Playing, Not Software Control

Bullet proof performance! Gig Performer provides you the freedom to focus on sound design, creativity and ultimately your live performance. Use the software alone or include some of your hardware synths as well.

Build Sounds Quickly and Intuitively

Build sounds faster with unprecedented ease and greater visual overview of your setup by simply connecting plugin blocks in any order you want with virtual wires. Virtual wires embrace the familiarity of cables allowing you to effortlessly send audio/MIDI to and from any location, eliminating complex tracking of audio bus paths and conventional channel strips found in DAWs.

Gig Performer Audio Plugin Host in Setlist view for Windows PC
Gig Performer Audio Plugin Host Mappable Widgets on Windows laptop

Control What You Want, How You Want – Forget the Rest

Gig Performer allows you to eliminate the distractions of unnecessary controls and select the most essential elements of a VST to control during your live performance. 

Easily Access Your Most Used Instruments and Effects

Route your audio/MIDI chains to and from global instruments and effects while maintaining parallel access to your other sounds with Gig Performer.

Gig Performer Audio Plugin Host Global Rackspace view on Windows laptop

Connect Custom Sounds to the Songs You Play

Easily assign and reuse custom sounds to different parts of a song within your setlist and effortlessly switch between sounds with a single touch for a convenient and intuitive live performance experience.

Effortlessly Move Between Rigs

Gig Performer provides a simple solution for traveling with the least amount of gear possible. Connect your computer to any rig then select your rig in Gig Performer and you’re ready to perform, in under a minute, providing a stress-free way to integrate with a venue’s back-line rig.

Gig Performer Audio Plugin Host for macOSX and Windows


“It was like seeing the rig I dreamed of. It’s so effortless to assemble any type of sound you want with any routing. It also opens up a new realm of creative sound-making because the interface works seamlessly with the plugins.”

Chris Broderick

Megadeath, Act of Defiance, Nevermore Guitarist

“Gig Performer is the entire part of the soft synth equation. One button push and it’s all there with all the effects dialed in just right. Mapped and layered exactly the way I want it.”

Andy Burton

Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul, John Mayer, Cindy Lauper, Rufus Wainwright Keyboardist

“It was like seeing the rig I dreamed of. It’s so effortless to assemble any type of sound you want with any routing. It also opens up a new realm of creative sound-making because the interface works seamlessly with the plugins.”

Michael Whalen

2X Emmy® Award-Winning Composer & Music Supervisor, Producer and Recording Artist