It was like seeing the rig I dreamed of. It’s so effortless to assemble any type of sound you want with any routing. It also opens up a new realm of creative sound-making because the interface works seamlessly with the plugins.

Chris Broderick

Guitarist, Megadeath, Act of Defiance, Nevermore

“Gig Performer is the entire part of the soft synth equation. One button push and it’s all there with all the effects dialed in just right. Mapped and layered exactly the way I want it.” – Andy Burton

Andy Burton

Keyboardist, Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul, John Mayer, Cindy Lauper, Rufus Wainwright

If Gig Performer was around in the 90’s, I’d have a full head of hair left…

Harvey Jones


This host is so powerful and well written. It does load any plugin and runs everything in real time with no latency problems or CPU spikes. VERY SOLID. Definitely the best of its class, it will be my next companion to run tons of plugins in my FOH setup.

Matteo Cifelli

Sound Engineer, Robert Plant, Tom Jones, IL Divo

GP makes it possible to completely trust the software and its integration with my MIDI-controllers so I can focus on playing in the “here and now”.

Jacob Karlzon

Jazz Pianist, Composer

Finally, a plugin host that truly addresses the needs of live performers.

Trey Gunn

King Crimson, Tu-Ner, Security Project, Touch Guitarist

It’s actually CHANGED my studio by giving me the ability to have “physical” control of virtual instruments on the fly without the need for the GEAR.

Michael Whalen

Keyboardist, 2X Emmy® Award-Winning Composer & Music Supervisor, Recording Artist and Producer

Gig Performer is an amazing tool for my unconventional set up. Allowing me to access the full power of my laptops into my system. It is quickly becoming an incredible asset to my live shows. 

Robert Frazza

Audio Engineer, Stick Men, Todd Rundgren, Orleans, Joe Jackson

Gig Performer is a game changer for me. Not only can I create any combination of sounds with this but also perform them live with seamless switching. The only limitation with Gig Performer is your imagination.

Michael Cozzi

Guitarist, Audio Engineer, Skriekback, Sky Cries Mary, Security Project

It’s rock solid, has a very small hit on CPU cycles, and offers lots of features. Gig Performer is simple, intuitive, and powerful. And it just works.

Ashley Moore

Minister of Music, First Congregational Church of Oakland, California

I’m cynical as hell about gear, but I just can’t find anything wrong with Gig Performer. It is the most inventive thing that has come through the music industry in 20 years, and what Deskew has created is a revolution for people who have disabilities. I think it’s very important for people with disabilities who believe they can’t play live anymore to realize there is something out there that lets them still live the dream if they want to.

Paul Patto

Keyboardist, Bluewolf

Gig Performer has liberated my best audio plug-ins from the confines of the studio and finally made it practical to bring multiple instances of them to the performance stage.  Simultaneous MIDI processing makes a versatile system.  I now have one very compact live setup!

Jim Meyer

Stick Player

“What I love the best about Gig Performer is probably what the majority of people like the best, and that is the way you route everything. It’s so intuitive and straightforward; you just wire modules up by dragging from outputs to inputs. Gig Performer’s a piece of cake.”

Stuart Tilsley

Keyboardist, Magic Carpet Ride

I love it when I get a new instrument or tool to use it gives me a fresh outlook and Gig Performer has done exactly that. I now find I am creating more complex sounds for my stage performances and being confident that they will work. Gig Performer was created for musicians who want reliability and a familiar way to create and recreate their sounds on stage it is not just another way to use your plugins for me it has become another instrument. Thank you Gig Performer you are a Great Performer.

Blue Weaver

Keyboardist, Strawbs, Bee Gees, Chicago, Mott the Hoople

Gig Performer is like a breath of fresh air for laptop performers. Stable, efficient and without all the extra unnecessary features that increase cpu and distract from a smooth playing experience. It’s a lean, mean performing machine and will find a home with many players looking to augment, or completely replace their hardware rigs.

P.S. I just made a gig with 50 instances of Uhe Diva in it. Resting cpu = 2%. wow!

Simeon Harris

Textural Guitarist, Teacher, Sound Designer