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Dec 9, 2022 | Gig Performer Blog, GP4, Tutorials

If you have started your free trial of Gig Performer or you have just purchased it, this blog article is intended to provide you with various resources for getting started with Gig Performer as easily as possible.

Thank you for your interest in Gig Performer®, our premium audio plugin host for live performance and session musicians, created by musicians for musicians. Apart from creating an outstanding software application for live performance that lets you be the Artist, we recognize the value of supporting you along your journey to master Gig Performer and truly Own The Stage®.

The very first resource with which to get started is the Getting Started section of our user guide, where you can find basic setups for keyboardists, guitarists, vocalists, drummers, other musicians and FOH engineers. The user guide is always up-to-date to include the latest features and changes in Gig Performer updates and upgrades, along with all screenshots.

We’ll also highlight the Built-in templates chapter that explains templates, fully functional gig files so you can immediately start tweaking sounds and experiment with your setup.

Gig Performer built-in templates, keyboards tab

We recommend that you review this live stream to learn how you can optimize your workflow using bundled templates. If you are a guitarist, this YouTube video with Igor Paspalj, the Guitar World’s 2020 Electric Guitarist of The Year, shows how to use and improve guitar templates.

The heart of all Gig Performer user interaction is through the Community forums where musicians can discuss their use cases, issues, explore new opportunities to use Gig Performer and many other topics. There is a great atmosphere in the Community and we’re proud to have such knowledgeable and kind members as part of our virtual family. Many Gig Performer users have explicitly commented on the value of the support our Community offers, such as in this thread:

That did it! Brilliant! Thanks everyone for your support. This community is 100% of the reason why I bought Gig Performer and why I will stick with it until the end. Truly invaluable.

We’ve compiled a list of all Gig Performer resources and how-to threads (now over than 150 useful guides) in this thread:

How to guides Gig Performer - excerpt

How-to topics range from beginner to advanced and are covered with relevant blog articles, YouTube videos, user manual pages, live streams, etc.

The section in the Community forums of which we’re very proud is the Gig and Rackspace files category where you can find a curated list of 100+ gig files, rackspaces and scriptlets. There is even the Getting Started gig file where basic guidelines are presented with various elements in Gig Performer:

Getting Started Gig File, Gig Performer

Make sure to check out this live stream that discusses how to take full advantage of the rackspaces available on the community forums.

As for the Gig Performer YouTube channel, to help you get started, make sure to check out our Foundations and Build it with Gig Performer series:

Foundation series:

Build it with Gig Performer:

Two other interesting videos are The First 10 Minutes In Gig Performer For Guitarists with Igor Paspalj and The First 10 Minutes In Gig Performer 4 For Keyboardists. Make sure to check out other playlists, videos and live streams where we interviewed many gigging musicians such as Andy Burton and Joel Brazy.

If you prefer written tutorials, there are numerous blog articles that address specific features and aspects of Gig Performer. We’ll highlight the blog How to change sounds and control plugins from your MIDI controller and How to create keyboard and velocity splits. (You can find these blog articles and many other how to tutorials in the Resources thread, already mentioned above)

If you are wondering how other artists are using Gig Performer and with what gear, make sure to check our Gig Performer in Action page. You can see many names such as Blue Weaver (Bee Gees), Chris Broderick (In Flames, Megadeth), Igor Paspalj (Electric Guitarist of the World 2020), Robert Martin (Frank Zappa), Trey Gun (King Crimson), … … … even special projects such as PianoArc.

Gig Performer and PianoArc, Circle keyboard

If you are wondering whether Gig Performer is the right choice for your use cases, don’t worry – Gig Performer provides you with the most flexible MIDI processing out there (more info in this blog) and can handle the most advanced setups. One of our users independently tested Gig Performer’s latency and jitter and the results are remarkable (click here to learn more). That’s also why Gig Performer is used in other markets such as broadcasting and live streaming. Click on this interesting article to learn more.

Note: Gig Performer videos are recorded in English. However, you can find many YouTube videos of Gig Performer in other languages made by Gig Performer enthusiasts. For example, Marcelo Gesualdi created many great Gig Performer tutorials in Portuguese (click here to check them out).

To see what’s new in the Gig Performer world, check out our newsletter; we keep an archive of all released newsletters here.

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Nemanja Pudar

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