Guitar rigs – Computer-based vs. hardware-based

Feb 12, 2020 | Gig Performer Blog

One of the most often asked questions I hear from guitarists is “why would I use VSTs (plugins) and a computer for my rig?”

They typically argue that computers are

  • Guitar pedals, guitar rigs, Gig Performer
  • Expensive
  • Prone to crash
  • Ruined by spilling beer on them
  • Too complicated to use
  • Etc.

Interestingly, I noticed that most of them don’t actually stop to compare the sound quality nor view that as high-priority – rather strange for guitarists. In my book – sound is the king. I don’t care if I have to run 5 laptops underwater if it will get me a better sound.

Let’s address some of these concerns.

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  • Expense – Sure, you can certainly spend more on a computer-based setup, but it will generally be orders of magnitude better sounding and much more versatile. On the other hand you can certainly get a decent computer, audio interface, a MIDI pedal controller + software at a lower cost than some of the more expensive “hardware” solutions.
  • Guitarist, guitar player, close upCrashing – Well, I’ve been using a computer-based setup for more than 3 years – not a single crash on stage or rehearsal for that matter. Any hardware can crash, but a stage-optimized computer will typically crash only if its hardware fails. Hardware in any pedal can fail exactly the same way a computer can fail.
  • Ruined by spilling stuff on it or banging on it … sure. I’m not going to dignify that one with further comments.
  • It’s too complicated – Actually, I would argue the opposite. It’s often very complicated to navigate the hardware world – especially when you use one of these “all in one” kind of solutions. And often you need a computer anyway to create the configurations. And if you need to do a quick adjustment, you’re out of luck.


Many people will opt for a “hardware” solution which is not really a hardware solution after all. It consists of an internal computer, an audio interface and some software running inside an enclosure (click here to see examples). No different than a computer and typically less expensive because its quality is not at par with a good quality audio interface and great plugins. These solutions are prone to everything to which any computer setup is prone, and often to a higher degree.

There is also no reason why one could not get a rack mountable computer and mount everything together creating a custom “hardware” solution that’s extremely modular. In fact quite a few of our own users have done just that.

So what are some of the benefits of running a computer-based guitar setup?

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  • It will typically sound better if properly configured
  • Sounds the same everywhere. Same sound and setup in rehearsal, studio, stage, tour.
  • Lightweight. Computer setups are typically easier to carry and setup.
  • Creating your own, signature sound, is very hard when using stock, hardware solutions. Sound shaping options are almost infinite with a software-based rig (click here to learn more about our Probabilistic Sound Designer).
  • Upgrades – computers and software evolve rapidly and upgrading your rig with a smaller, more powerful components is easy.
  • More reliable – “Wait what!?”, most of you would say, but yes, hardware gets hot and breaks. Be it a computer or an amp or anything else. Wires get unsoldered, lamps burn out. Replacing a computer from a software backup is MUCH easier and often much less expensive.
  • Completely different setups for each song. This is almost impossible to do with a traditional hardware solution, but with software like Gig Performer® you can have a completely different setup per song and you don’t need an entire room filled with amps and 3 technicians behind the stage to do it.
  • The new “convolution” based simulations of sound shaping allow you to get that vintage cabinet or amp sound dialed in perfectly. This is something that solutions with less CPU power – like those “hardware” options will have trouble doing properly so your choice is either spend thousands on a huge vintage cabinets and amps, then carry those around or actually run a simulation of those characteristics in a computer based setup.
  • Playing multiple instruments? No problem. I typically play an acoustic-electric guitar, an electric guitar and an Eigenharp Pico off of the same gig file. My entire rig changes with one press on a pedal. Try doing that with a hardware solution.
  • Did I mention that it typically just sounds better?


Gig Performer running on a laptop

If you haven’t spent time to dial in your sound in a computer based setup – there is not much anyone can do to convince you otherwise, but please – don’t dismiss it before you try because I can almost guarantee you that in a blind test you are much more likely to choose a software based setup due to its sound.

Like everything else – one needs to learn about various options and try various audio plugins that are available, then tweak those so that they match what you want. Simply opening one plugin on a computer, plugging in your guitar and trying a few presets is not going to get you there.

Ten years ago, things were different, but it’s a whole new world now!

Today, with Gig Performer®, inexpensive Intel i5 and i7 computers (or older PCs), great guitar plugins and high quality audio interfaces you can get a setup that 10 or 20 years ago would have either been impossible or would have cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

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