How does Gig Performer® Compare?

Aug 21, 2018 | Gig Performer Blog

Every audio plugin host has its strengths and weaknesses. In the table below – we try to compare Gig Performer® with the most common, comparable audio plugin hosts on macOS and Windows platforms.

This page is updated on 2023-10-04 per relevant product user manuals; if the user manual is not available for a host we used the Google search engine. If you think you have found a mistake, please write to @npudar in the community forum.

The Gig Performer User Manual is always up-to-date and accurate with all the screenshots and recent features. If you want to check out any implementation of the features listed in the table, please see our online user manual.

Gig Performer®
Cantabile Performer
Camelot Pro 2.2
User Manual R R Outdated Q
Cross Platform R macOS only Windows only R
Host VST2, AU and VST3 Plugins R AU only VST2 and VST3 R
Auto Sampler R R Q Q
Timeline R Q R R
Advanced Timeline Actions R Q Normal Normal
Patch Persist R R R R
Plugin Parameter Learning R R R Q
Dynamic Plugin Loading R Q Limited Support Q
Splits and Layers R R R R
Global and Local MIDI Monitor R Global Global Global
Built-in Metronome R R R R
Audio File Player R R R R
Streaming Audio File Player R Q Q R
MIDI File Player R Q R Q
MIDI Finger Tap R Q Q Q
OSC Support R Q Q Q
Multiple Tap Tempo Algorithms R Q Q Q
Visual Control Scaling Display R Limited Support Q Q
Plugin Connection Visual patch cables Channel strip List style routing List style routing
Plugin Effects Routing Visual patch cables Mixer interface with aux buses List style routing List style routing
Custom Panels with Widgets per Patch R Limited Support Q Q
Radio Button Support R Q Q Q
Scripting Support R R R Q
GPScript R Q Q Q
Rig Management (Multiple Configuration Support) R Limited Support Limited Support Limited Support
Record Audio and MIDI Inputs R Q Limited Support Q
External Synth Control R Q R R
Variations R Q Q Q
Multi-Instance Synchronization R Q Q Q
Built-in Guitar Tuner R R Q Q
Ableton Link Integration R Q Q R
Latency Measurement Tool R Q Q Q
ChordPro Support R Q Q Q
Probabilistic Sound Designer R Q R Q
Bi-Directional Global FX R Unidirectional only Unidirectional only Q
Built-in Plugin for Advanced MIDI Processing R Q Q Q
Extensions and SDK Support R Q Q Q
Support for Cakewalk Style Instrument Definition Files R Q R Q
Chameleon plugin R Q Q Q