We at Deskew Technologies appreciate your continued support and loyalty to Gig Performer, the most advanced VST/AU plugin host for live performers.

As you may know, starting May 31, 2023, Gig Performer® 4 will no longer be part of the Plugin Alliance MEGA Bundle. As noted by Plugin Alliance, active subscribers of the PA MEGA bundle will continue to be able to run the PA Locked edition of Gig Performer 4.

If you are a customer of the PA Locked edition, you may want to consider purchasing a Gig Performer® 4 license from Deskew Technologies, which not only enables you to continue running any VST2/VST3/AU plugins from Plugin Alliance (provided you are actively subscribed to any of their bundles) but also plugins from any other plugin manufacturer. Click here for more information.

If you own a license to the PA Unlocked edition of Gig Performer, you will be able to use that version for as long as you wish. However, to access features in future Gig Performer updates, PA customers will need to cross-grade to the Deskew version. Click here to see cross-grade pricing.

Some answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Plugin Alliance Customers can be found here.

We understand there may be concerns about paying full price or a significant upgrade fee for Gig Performer 4 from Deskew Technologies. Still, we want to assure you that the value you receive from our software is worth the investment.

Here are some compelling reasons:

    1. Unleash Unparalleled Functionality: By investing in our software at its full price, you gain unrestricted access to new features and updates. This means you can harness the full potential of our solution and run any VST2/VST3/AU plugins from any plugin manufacturer.
    2. Own the Stage®: Since its beginnings in 2015, Gig Performer has established itself as the go-to host software for gigging keyboard players, guitarists, drummers, vocalists—even Front of House engineers—who want to take complete control of their VST instrument and effect plugins during live performance (learn more). We designed our software to keep you on top of your game, allowing you to deliver your best performance.
    3. Guaranteed Support and Updates: Paying the full price ensures we can continue providing you with the best possible product and service. Our dedicated support team is committed to assisting you every step of the way, promptly addressing any queries or concerns you may have. Your investment also allows us to invest in research and development and hire the best talent to enhance our software with new features and improve overall performance.
    4. Long-Term Cost Savings: While the initial investment might seem higher, paying the full price can save you money in the long run. Our software’s robustness and scalability eliminate the need for frequent upgrades or costly add-ons, ensuring a stable, cost-effective solution that delivers consistent value over time. Our low CPU demands also mean you can run our software on a relatively inexpensive Mac Mini or Windows PC, making it accessible to a wider range of users.
    5. Join a Thriving Community: Your investment in our software enables us to support a vibrant community of like-minded music pros. In addition, you gain access to our community forums, training materials, and networking opportunities, allowing you to learn from experts, share insights, and collaborate with other industry leaders.

We take pride in the fact that Gig Performer just plain works, as evidenced by the positive feedback we have received from our users. Our reliable and stable software lets you focus on your performance without worrying about technical issues. This is why professionals and well-known musicians worldwide trust Gig Performer.

We appreciate your consideration and hope you will continue supporting us by investing in our software. Thank you for choosing Deskew Technologies Gig Performer.

The Deskew Technologies Team