OSC Support

Widgets and plugins can respond to OSC commands control surfaces as well as applications that can generate OSC messages.

OSC (Open Sound Control) is a protocol that can be used to control one application from another, with a particular focus on applications used by artists and performers. You can associate OSC names with plugins and widgets and then send messages to them from a remote device to control their operation. This allows you to create control surfaces with faders and buttons that can be adjusted to perform such operations as controlling the output volume of each plugin, adjust plugin parameters such as the cutoff filter of a softsynth. You can even send OSC messages to the Gig Performer that will cause it to play notes.

Well known products for the iPad include TouchOSC and Lemur. It is also possible to use programming tools like MaxMSP to create very sophisticated applications that can also send OSC messages to the Gig Performer.

Please refer to any of those tools or programs for more information.

 Download a PDF describing the OSC messages to which the Gig Performer responds.