Using Lemur with Gig Performer

Jan 17, 2017 | Gig Performer Blog

Gig Performer is an audio plugin host that has a sophisticated OSC implementation that can be used for a variety of purposes, one of which is to allow bidirectional control with an iPad or Android running a control surface such as Lemur or TouchOSC (see Using Touch OSC with Gig Performer).

To help you get started, download this Lemur template for Gig Performer 4, which I originally created to use with my bands. You are of course free to modify this to suit your own needs. This particular template leverages the scripting functionality of Lemur so that only knobs or sliders that are actually needed for a particular rackspace are visible in Lemur. For my needs, I found this more beneficial than having all possible controls appear in Lemur when you only need two or three at a time.

(NB – if you are using Gig Performer 2, then you can use this older Lemur template which does not support GP4’s song and setlists features.)

It also includes a button that can be used for Tap Tempo purposes, very useful if you have some kind of echo plugin where you want the delays to fit the tempo of your song.

There are also a couple of controls for turning on Gig Performer’s guitar tuner. As a keyboard player I don’t really need this but I wanted users to be able to see how it’s done.

Please note that these scripts are not officially supported by Deskew Technologies. If you have questions about Lemur scripting, there is a brief Lemur scripting tutorial on liine’s website and you can obviously reach out to them or their user community as well.

You can also download a PDF description of our OSC implementation for Gig Performer 3.x

Below is a video demonstrating the use of the Lemur template.



– Template updated to include rackspace UP/DOWN commands
– Template updated so that unused areas are now completely blank

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