Basic Troubleshooting

Common Problems

Gig Performer sometimes skips a rackspace or variation

The global options Next and Previous can be mapped to buttons on your MIDI controller. However, if Gig Performer skips a variation, rackspace or song part, it means that the the Next and Previous commands are being triggered once when you press the button and then triggered again when you release the button. Click on the Momentary button beside the MIDI assignment to make Gig Performer respond only when pushing a button.

I get no sound when I play my keyboard

Diagnosing this problem requires several checks to find the cause of this problem. You will need to

  • check that MIDI Messages are being received from your keyboard
  • check that the MIDI In block you are currently using is associated with your keyboard
  • check that incoming MIDI messages are on the correct MIDI channel for the synth plugin block being used

If you don’t know how to follow the steps above, please see this article for in-depth description.

One of the notes on my keyboard makes no sound

You have probably mapped that note to a widget, perhaps by mistake. By defaults, notes mapped to widgets are not passed to MIDI In blocks which is why that note would not seem to work. Click on the “MIDI Assignments…” menu item (under the Windows main menu) to view all the widget mappings and look for one that is mapped to the note that is not working. If you find it, double-click on the entry to switch to edit mode with that widget selected. You can then remove the mapping  from the MIDI section of the Widget Inspector.

I get stuck notes when my sustain pedal is NOT pressed

The connection between your sustain pedal and your controller is probably inverted. You can determine whether this is the problem by watching incoming MIDI messages as you press and release the sustain pedal. Open the Global MIDI Monitor (from the Windows menu).

When you press your sustain pedal, you should see the value 127 and when you release you should see the value 0 (see image above). If instead you see 0 when you press the pedal and 127 when you release it, then this is definitely the problem. There are several solutions depending on your particular system

  1. If your controller automatically detects the polarity of your sustain pedal when you plugin it in, you might have been pressing the sustain pedal while powering up your controller. Make sure you are not pressing your sustain pedal while power cycling your controller.
  2. If that doesn’t work, check to see if your sustain pedal has an invert polarity switch (typically underneath). If it does, try changing that switch’s setting to see if that solves the problem.

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