Educational/Academic pricing

Jul 1, 2018 | Uncategorized

The founders at Deskew Technologies strongly support education and so we offer a 50% discount for students and teachers at all accredited schools, colleges and universities (they don’t need to be music-related).

Interested customers will need to provide evidence of their affiliation with their school or university.

The discount is available for new purchases only. It does not apply to upgrades and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts.

Eligibility requirements

  • Students currently enrolled full-time at a school, college or university
  • Teachers employed full-time or part-time (teaching at least 20 hours/week) by a school, college or university in any field of study
  • Independent professional music teachers

Proof of 

1. Students and teachers with an affiliation to an accredited school, college or university

  • A dated student or faculty ID card that shows your name
  • or an email request that comes from your school’s email domain

2. Independent professional music teachers

  • Link to your website showing that teaching music is your primary activity rather than a minor adjunct to being a recording and/or performing artist
    (By primary we mean that approximately 6 hours/weekday are spent teaching students)
  • Email request must come from the same domain

Please do not submit paystubs or anything that contains private or confidential information

Click here to submit your request using our online support system.

Thank your for your interest in Gig Performer.