Gig Performer 3 feature list

Jan 24, 2018 | GP2 New Features

In this article you will learn about Gig Performer 3 list of features. Note that the current version of Gig Performer is v4, so if you use Gig Performer 3 – click here to learn about 10 key reasons to upgrade to Gig Performer 4.

Major new features in Gig Performer 3:

  • Songs and Setlists
  • ChordPro Support
  • Ableton Link Synchronization
  • Bi-Directional MIDI Widgets
  • Enhanced Remote Support for Lemur
  • MIDI Input Recorder
  • Multi-widget insertion
  • Latency Measurement Tool

Gig Performer 3 also includes audio engine enhancements, better plugin editor handling, SysEx message support, and numerous other small essential improvements to help your workflow.

Gig Performer 2 added these features:

  • Rig Manager – easily manage multiple sets of controllers and reduce the need to learn MIDI controls
  • Audio Input Recorder – record all inputs to WAV files for post production
  • Audio Mixer/Router Plugin – Four or eight stereo faders with solo and mute capability
  • VST3 Support (Gig Performer also supports AudioUnit and VST plugins)
  • Bus Layout Support – Switch your plugin to support mono, stereo, 5.1 etc, whatever is supported by the plugin
  • GPScript – A proprietary programming language for automation and MIDI event processing
  • Audio metronome
  • Global Transpose
  • Plugin connection enhancements
    • Connectors are more magnetic so “snap-to” is easier than ever
    • When holding shift key down while dragging one block over another, the block will go back to its original position after the connection
    • Holding shift key down while making an audio connection will automatically add a second connection, i.e, instant stereo connection
  • Program changes can be displayed using either a 0-127 or a 1-128 view
  • Gig Performer can optionally ignore program bank switch changes and lock to a specified bank
  • The global trim can now be controlled remotely (another oft-asked for feature)


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