Recording your guitar (or vocals)

Recording your guitar (or vocals)

Gig Performer is of course intended for live performance but suppose you just want to capture what you’re playing, processed through all the plugins you want to use such as Guitar Rig or S-Gear along with your favorite phaser, compressor and so forth? You can easily record the processed results of your playing (while listening) by using the free MRecorder plugin from Melda Productions.

Here’s an example showing the connections view in Gig Performer of a possible layout which of course you can easily modify or recreate to suit. (You can click on these images to see a full-size view)

Example showing the connections view in Gig Performer, recording guitar or vocals

Gig Performer connection view

Notice that a mono input from your audio interface is being passed through a mono-to-stereo attenuator and then on to various plugins. Near the bottom is a gain control representing your final output and the audio is then being sent to your audio interface for monitoring as well as to the MRecorder plugin. Double-clicking to open that plugin, you can set the location to where you want your output to be saved (as WAV files) and then click the RECORD and/or PAUSE buttons on that plugin as needed to capture your performance.

Free MRecorder plugin from Melda Productions, in Gig Performer, cross-platform audio plugin host

The MRecorder editor window

Of course, if you’ve got a MIDI pedalboard you can also create a front panel view in Gig Performer with buttons that will control the MRecorder and then “press” those buttons from your MIDI pedalboard which of course makes it much easier as you don’t have to take your hands away from your guitar to control the recording process.

Widgets on a front panel control the recording process in Gig Performer, plugin host

Add widgets on a front panel to control the recording process