Updated Remote Control Lemur Template for Gig Performer 3

Jan 18, 2019 | Gig Performer Blog, Knowledge Base Articles

Note: the main article that also includes the updated remote control Lemur template for Gig Performer 3 can be found here.


Among the many new features in Gig Performer 3 is the notion of songs and song parts. To complement this new functionality, the Lemur template has been updated significantly and now supports:

  • Setlists
  • Songs and
  • Song parts

You can download the new template here. A deeper description of this template will come later but we know customers using Lemur on either iPads or Android are eager to get their hands on this template.

As with the earlier version, this template is not officially supported by Deskew Technologies and you are welcome to modify it for your own purposes.

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