Using Recall Value On Load and Also recall on Activate widget options

Oct 25, 2017 | Gig Performer Blog, Knowledge Base Articles, Tutorials

By default, Gig Performer saves the values of all widgets using a “last value saved” algorithm. That means that when you change a widget value and save your gig, then when you reload your gig, that widget will have the same value.

Initial value on gig load, Widget Properties Inspector in Gig Performer.

This is very convenient but it may not always be what you want. In particular, if you happen to tweak widgets in one rackspace temporarily and then you go to another rackspace, tweak widgets there and save the entire gig file instead of just using the “Save rackspace to gig file”, then the tweaks in the other rackspace will be saved.

This is convenient when you’re doing a quick configuration but in some performance situations, you may not want those temporary tweaks to be saved. Instead, you’d like to always revert to the same value, no matter what you changed while you were performing.

This is the purpose of the Recall value on load (“This value” in Gig Performer 4) and Also recall on activate (“Also Reset on Rackspace Activation” in Gig Performer 4) options in the Widget Properties section.

If you check the Recall value on load box, then the explicit value displayed in Now will be saved and so can be recalled every time you load your gig, no matter how much the widget was adjusted during a performance. When you save your gig with this option checked, then the last value/last saved is ignored in favor of the saved value If you need to change the value that is being recalled at load time, then simple click the Save button to update to whatever is the current Now value.

When you use just this checkbox, the original value is only recalled when you initially load the gig. That means that if you change the widget value, and then switch to another rackspace and then switch back, you will see that changed value. However, if you would like the widget to use the explicitly saved value every time you switch to that rackspace, then just click on the Also recall on activate checkbox as well. Now you can tweak your widgets as desired while in a particular rackspace but as soon as you come back to that rackspace from another rackspace, you have the original value again. This of course is very useful if you need to repeat a song you performed earlier.

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