What it means when we recommend other software to our users

Jan 9, 2017 | Uncategorized

There are various plugins and third-party applications that we feel would be particularly beneficial to users of Gig Performer. We will occasionally write a blog article about such things once we have personal experience of them.

However, we want our users to understand that if we recommend plugins or other applications and you choose to buy them, we will not receive any portion of such sales. This is a deliberate decision on our part. Our goal is for you, our customer, to understand that if we recommend a plugin or product, you can take our recommendation seriously without being concerned that we might be trying to earn extra dollars by pushing sales of those other products.

To that end, we have also started contacting the developers of some of these products and asking them if they would be willing to provide coupons or otherwise provide a mechanism to give our users a discount should they buy any of these products. As such discounts become available, we will include instructions in email receipts as to how to receive those discounts.

Any developer who chooses to provide a discount will be allowed to use your email address to verify that you are a legitimate Gig Performer customer. They will get back a simple YES or NO. No other information whatsoever will be available. We consider privacy to be a critical aspect of our relationship with our customers.