When does Gig Performer go on sale?

Apr 5, 2018 | Knowledge Base Articles

As a matter of policy, Deskew Technologies, LLC does not participate in deep discounted sales of Gig Performer.

Given its functionality, we believe that Gig Performer is very fairly priced and we feel strongly that discounted pricing serves only to erroneously devalue the product. We offer a high quality product that undergoes continuous enhancement and improvement along with strong support for our customers through our extremely popular community forums, ticket support and other mechanisms when appropriate.

Also, as strong believers in education, Gig Performer is available with a 50% discount to students and full-time teachers at accredited schools and universities. Interested customers will need to provide evidence of their affiliation with the school or university. We regret that this discount is not available to private music teachers. Click here to learn more.

We appreciate your interest in Gig Performer and hope that you will join us on this journey as we continue our goal of making Gig Performer be the best and most reliable solution for performing and session musicians.

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