After updating Gig Performer, some of my plugins were not found

Mar 12, 2018 | Knowledge Base Articles, MS Windows

Scenario: Gig Performer is running fine on your Windows computer and a Gig Performer update becomes available – but before you update, you uninstall your current version or an automatic third-party uninstaller removes all references to Gig Performer.

Don’t do that! We repeat, don’t do that!

If you do, you will have to start all over again after you install the update.

Plugin Manager and Global MIDI options, Gig Performer, audio plugin host

All your configuration information will be lost. This includes:

  • Global MIDI settings – e.g, your MIDI commands for Up/Down, Tap Tempo, Play/Stop, Panic and so forth.
  • The Rig Manager settings – if you configured a rig via the Rig Manager and are using aliases for all your controllers and widgets in your rackspaces, you’ll have to completely reconfigure your rig again so that your gig file works.
  • General options – all your General options will be lost.
  • Plugin locations – all your locations where your plugins can be found.
  • Plugin validations – all plugin validations will be lost.

As well as this, your anti-virus and firewall configuration, which you probably had to configure to allow plugin validation to work (many plugins want to “call home” as part of validation) may have to be done over again.

Basically, you’ll have to start all over again with all global configuration.

While these third-party automatic uninstallers may seem like a good idea, they can really play havoc with applications and should never be used unless you are removing an application forever.

Please understand, there’s nothing we can do to help with this – if you uninstall all our support files, the information is just gone.

We encourage you to backup your gig files and other configuration files as part of your routine backup process (you are backing up regularly, right?) so that you can recover from issues such as this.

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