Do I need an internet connection to use Gig Performer?

Dec 8, 2019 | Knowledge Base Articles

You need an internet connection to activate (but not to actually use) your Gig Performer trial and then again to activate a full license.

Gig Performer License Activate and Deactivate

Once you have activated Gig Performer on your computer, you can run it without an internet connection. Further, as long as you do not perform any OS updates or upgrades you will not be prompted to reactivate. We do not want performers to be concerned that Gig Performer will need to be reactivated in the middle of a performance.

We strongly encourage you to never update your system within a few weeks of a live show so that you have time to sort out any issues arising from an upgrade – that applies to plugins and other applications as well as Gig Performer.

We also recommend that you disable as many other unnecessary services/applications as possible. If you do not need your network, disable that as well. Disable screen savers, anti-virus apps (we’ve seen many of those prevent Gig Performer from running properly), automatic sleep and so forth (read complete tips and guidelines in our free e-book).

Note: while Gig Performer does not require an internet connection to work once it has been activated, you may find that some plugins do require such a connection so you should check the requirements of any plugins you want to use to make sure you won’t have a problem when you get up on stage.

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