Gig Performer – licenses, activation and moving to a new computer.

Gig Performer – licenses, activation and moving to a new computer.

Each Gig Performer 3x license allows Gig Performer to be activated on up to three computers simultaneously belonging to the purchaser of that license. Activations may not be shared with others and doing so violates the terms of the license agreement.

The cost of Gig Performer is not based on the number of possible activations, it is based on a “per user” license. It is unfortunate but necessary to control how many times GP can be installed to reduce piracy, hence the requirement for activation.

The “up to three computers” activation is a courtesy for licensed users who might want to install Gig Performer on their studio machine to prepare their shows, on their laptop for a tour and then on a second laptop as a backup for their tour in case their main laptop breaks down. As musicians, this is what we would want for ourselves.

Warning – some OS upgrades/updates can cause the computer to “look” like it is a new or different computer, thereby requiring Gig Performer to be reactivated. Restoring Gig Performer from a backup may also require reactivation.


Before performing any such updates, you MUST first deactivate your license on the machine you want to update otherwise you will lose one of your activations and Gig Performer may stop working. After your OS update you can simply reactivate Gig Performer again.


You must also deactivate your license before you reformat your drive and/or reinstall your operating system for the same reason.


Make sure you have your license code available so you can reactivate again after you have upgraded.


If you sell one of your computers you must also deactivate Gig Performer on that computer so as to avoid losing one of your activations.

If you want to install and activate Gig Performer on a fourth computer (assuming they’re both running the same OS) you will first need to deactivate Gig Performer on one of your other computers. You will then be able to reuse that activation on your fourth computer. Your computers must be connected to the internet for these operations. 

Simply click on the Help menu in Gig Performer (see image below) and click the menu item, “Your license is activated – Click to deactivate”. This “releases” one of your activations and Gig Performer will no longer run on that computer. You can then install Gig Performer on another computer and use the activation code you received when you purchased Gig Performer to activate the new installation.

How to deactivate your licence of Gig Performer