Gig Performer Way vs. The Channel Strip Way

Oct 10, 2019 | Gig Performer Blog

Gig Performer’s visual “connect anything to anything else” approach has been praised by our users. They find it simple and easy to modify and follow what’s going on. This is especially important for live situations and particularly for musicians who want to focus on their music and sounds without having to be mix engineers!

The channel strip approach is most likely the best approach if you want to mix and master audio projects. It’s easy to see and adjust individual tracks, but it comes with a price when you just want to build your sound and play it live.

I wanted to test a new harmonizer plugin so rather than playing my guitar I opened an existing project in my DAW figuring I could easily add this to a track I had already recorded.

So I opened Gig Performer to play this passage live and all I had to do was open my existing guitar rackspace, change the input of the guitar amp plugin to stereo (most have this option) and feed the output of the harmonizer plugin into the right channel of the amp plugin… Done.

It sounded great and it took me about 15 seconds to do.

Gig Performer's visual "connect anything to anything else" approach.

This illustrates why are DAWs great for mixing and mastering your songs and why Gig Performer is preferred for live use. You shouldn’t have to be an audio engineer to be able to play your instrument and you should be able to visually see what’s going on with your rig.