Does my plugin work with Gig Performer?

Mar 21, 2021 | Gig Performer Blog, Knowledge Base Articles, Plugins

So, does it?

Well, gee, it should but there are many thousands of plugins out there, there’s simply no way for us to even find them all, never mind do any serious testing to make sure they work!

We don’t know specifically of any plugin that does not work with Gig Performer, at least none due to a bug in recent versions of Gig Performer. Sometimes though you may find that the VST version works better than the VST3 version or AU (Mac only) version, or vice versa.

Our customers (and us) are happily using many plugins from most of the well-known plugin developers with no problems.

That said, Gig Performer exercises plugins quite a bit more than do most DAWs and if the plugin developer hasn’t done sufficient testing, Gig Performer can often expose plugin bugs that might have been harder to find with other VST hosts.

But it works with my other (insert your host_name here) plugin host

That doesn’t mean the problem is due to Gig Performer! Sometimes plugin developers (yes, even the famous ones) make assumptions without proper testing. For example, they’ll develop a plugin, try it with a couple of VST hosts where it works and so they immediately assume it will work with every audio plugin host. Unfortunately, that’s not a valid assumption. Some plugin hosts use more features provided by the Steinberg SDK than others and if the developer doesn’t allow for this, their plugin may work fine and crash or otherwise misbehave in another. Some plugin developers assume that values they get from the host (e.g, a reference to a window handle) will always be valid but that doesn’t necessarily hold true for all hosts and if a plugin doesn’t query for the correct values every time it is opened (for example) then there’s a very good chance it will work with some hosts and fail with others.

How do I find out if it works

What can be done?

Well, this really depends on the plugin developer. We are always happy to work with developers to figure out a problem. We don’t point fingers, the problem could absolutely be with Gig Performer though that has become less likely as Gig Performer has matured. Sometimes we can point a developer at exactly the place where their plugin is crashing. Other times we need to interact with the developer and exchange information so as to track down the problem. Most developers are absolutely happy to work with us, it is in everybody’s interest that plugins work with as many hosts as possible.

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