Gig Performer seems to be writing megabytes of data

May 13, 2021 | Troubleshooting

A customer noticed that Gig Performer seemed to be responding poorly at times and after investigation discovered that under some circumstances it looked like Gig Performer was writing many many megabytes of data to the hard drive when changing from one rackspace to another. The problem only seemed to occur when Predictive Loading was enabled in Gig Performer.

After some investigation and working with the customer, we discovered that the problem was due to a plugin called BLISS which was writing megabytes of debug information to a log file in the BLISS subfolder.

Bliss, VST audio plugin in Gig Performer, audio plugin host

After we deleted that log file, the problem went away.

If you are using BLISS and encounter this problem, please contact discoDSP for more information and support.

Apparently the Melda Looper Plugin (MSuperLooper) also saves all the audio loops as part of the plugin state and that will cause the gig file to explode in size as well.

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