Gig Performer Stress Test Video

Nov 18, 2016 | Gig Performer Blog

Here is a short video showing the Gig Performer stress test, a part of our thorough testing process for Gig Performer.

We have been using Gig Performer live, on stage, for a while now (even before this audio plugin host went into the first beta stage). We have a long and grueling beta stages where beta users test all aspects of Gig Performer and make sure it’s solid. Still – we wanted to make sure that if you use Gig Performer on stage for hours and hours – or even days – it will still perform without a glitch and will not stop running.

In the video we are running the Gig Performer stress test with a few rackspaces containing various instruments and widgets to control them. Each rackspace is a collection of separate virtual instruments, effects and processors.

We control Gig Performer using some patchers we built with MaxMSP. The patcher will simultaneously play notes, twiddle the knobs, sliders, buttons… and switch rackspaces – while playing notes. It can do this over MIDI and over OSC. It will do this much faster than you’ll even want to, but it does stress test the Gig Performer quite a bit. We simply run this with a new build and let it play these wired and random sounds for hours on end.

Take a look and see how it all worked out:


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