A Chapman Stick player describes his setup with Gig Performer

Nov 17, 2016 | Gig Performer Blog

We received an interesting email from Jim Meyer, a Chapman Stick player in Vancouver who is using Gig Performer. His setup is intriguing so with his permission, I’m reposting the email he sent me.

So, here’s the fun I’ve been having with Gig Performer:

I have a Chapman Stick with a GK-3 under the 6 Melody strings, and the Bass side connected to the “Normal Pickup” input. I connect that to a Roland VG-99, then USB to the Mac and into Gig Performer. The VG-99 allows options for tapping the audio signal at various points in the signal chain, so I can mix and match VG-99 processing with any plug-ins I have in Gig Performer. 

I was pretty happy with the results, to say the least, but recently realized that if I use Roland’s driver, the VG-99’s pitch-to-MIDI is output on USB along with the audio. So I can use Gig Performer to simultaneously add MIDI synths and audio effects to what I’m playing!  I can even send just the “Normal Pickup” output to Gig Performer to add plug-in effects to the Bass side of the Stick, while using the VG-99 and the MIDI side of Gig Performer for the Melody side. Amazing!

So my new rig option:

 – Chapman Stick
 – Laptop with Gig Performer
 – VG-99
 – 1 GK cable
 – 1 USB cable
 – Amp and a couple audio cables

That’s pretty portable and incredibly versatile!



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