System requirements for Gig Performer 4.0

Jun 1, 2021 | GP4, Knowledge Base Articles, MS Windows, OS X

In this article learn about system requirements for Gig Performer 4.0.


  •    Intel processors :  10.9 or greater
  •    Native Apple Silicon:  11.2 or greater

The Universal version supports both Intel and Apple Silicon natively but only works on more recent versions of macOS. The Intel version works on machines back to macOS 10.9.

Windows:  64-bit operating system only

  •    Windows 7 with SP1 or newer

RAM and disk requirements

Gig Performer itself does not require a lot of RAM. The real constraints on RAM and disk space are the requirements of the plugins used. If your system is really limited and you need to run some disk or RAM intensive plugins, please review this article on Predictive Loading that might be helpful and this article to learn about clever ways to optimize your plugin usage.

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