Using the same physical layout for many rackspaces

Using the same physical layout for many rackspaces

Unlike some applications where you have a single place to associate certain widgets with physical knobs and sliders, each rackspace can have individual associations. This means that in one rackspace your expression pedal might control the volume of some instrument and in another rackspace that same controller might be used to set the reverb amount. The advantage of this approach is that you keep your onscreen controls where you want them (e.g, volume always on the left, reverb amount always on the right so you can quickly see each one) but your expression pedal still does the right thing for the particular rackspace.

However, some users may prefer to map widgets to their physical knobs and sliders and keep them the same in many or all rackspaces. This is very easy to do with Gig Performer.

  1. Create an initial rackspace
  2. Insert whatever widgets you want that you will control from physical devices
  3. Associate the widgets with physical devices using the MIDI learn facility
  4. When you’re done, don’t save the gig. Instead, export the rackspace. Give it a recognizable name, e.g. MyLayout

Now, instead of creating new rackspaces from scratch, simply import your saved rackspace. The new rackspace will be added to your gig with all MIDI associations still in place and now you can create the desired plugins in the connections view.

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