How to specify plugin locations

How to specify plugin locations

If you are running Gig Performer on a Windows machine, your plugins can be installed in arbitrary locations specified by the plugin developer and/or modified by you. In either case, if some of your plugins do not show up in Gig Performer, you will need to tell Gig Performer where it should look to find your plugins.

Please also be aware that Gig Performer only supports 64-bit VST and VST3 plugins.

Step 1: Click on Windows : Plugin- manager to open the plugin manager

Gig Performer, Window menu, Plug'in manager...

Step 2: When the Plugin Manager opens, it will display a list of all plugins that were found. If a plugin is displayed in green, it has been validated. If a plugin is displayed in red, it has not been validated and is consequently unavailable. Note that all 32-bit plugins will show up in red as they cannot be used. Click on the Manage… button at the bottom left of the Plugin Manager window. Then select the Set VST folders for scanning menu item.

Gig Performer, Manage Available Plugins in Plugin Manager; Set VST folders for scanning

Step 3: You will see a dialog containing the folders that Gig Performer already knows to check. Press the + to specify another folder. You can do this as many times as necessary.

Gig Performer, Select folders to scan, Set location of VST plugins

Step5: Navigate to and then select the folder where your plugins are located and press OK

Gig Performer, Browse for folder, where VST plugins are located

Step 6: Click the Scan… button and select Rescan failed plugins or Rescan all plugins

Gig Performer, available plugins, Rescan failed plugins, Rescan all plugins

Step 7: Gig Performer will look for your plugins in the new locations and when complete your plugins should now be available.