The Audio Mixer/Router Plugin

The Audio Mixer/Router Plugin

A much requested feature in Gig Performer was a multi-channel gain control plugin so that instead of creating separate gain controls after each synth plugin, you could use a single plugin to control the gain of multiple plugins. Our plugin comes in 8ch (four stereo pairs) and 16ch (eight stereo pairs) versions and of course if you need more than that just instantiate as many as you need. Here’s a picture of the 8ch plugin (yeah, we know, we got cute with the tape labels).

Audio Mixer in Gig Performer, multi-channel gain control plugin

Using as a mixer

Here is a typical example of how you might use it as a simple mixer.

Audio Mixer in Gig Performer, Setup Example

In this example we have four synths, each one going to its own gain/balance control in the Audio Mixer plugin. All the gains are then routed to the first two outputs of the plugin from where they are then connected to the first stereo pair of the audio interface.

Each channel pair can be soloed or muted as desired and of course these can be controlled from front panel widgets and so from your keyboard controller as needed.

Using as a router

Take a look at this image

Audio Mixer plugin in Gig Performer, Router usage example

On the right, the connection view of a rackspace, you can see that we have a single synth (the Modartt Pianoteq) connected to the Audio Mixer. But now we have four different effects each of which is connected from a different pair of outputs of the Audio Mixer. If you look at the left part of the image, a view of the plugin editor, you can see that the first input (the Pianoteq) is currently being routed to Output 3-4, which represents the Flanger. So by changing the current output routing, you can quickly switch from one effect to another.

Using mixer and router together

Take a look at this image.

Audio Mixer Plugin in Gig Performer, usage example, combination mixer + router

In this example, we can instantly route combinations of inputs to combinations of outputs so you can route your piano to the phaser and chorus while routing your pads (ARP 2600) to chorus and echo. By using rackspace variations in Gig Performer you can instantly switch among arbitrary combinations.