Installed plugin does not show up in Gig Performer

Installed plugin does not show up in Gig Performer

Depending on how particular plugins needed to be activated, it may be the case that the Gig Performer Plugin scanner was unable to validate it. There are four main reasons this might happen,

  1. The plugin is proprietary
  2. The plugin is 32-bit
  3. The plugin is corrupt
  4. The plugin needs to connect to a license server but there’s no internet connection or it’s taking too long to activate
  5. If you do not see the plugin at all in the scanner, itt is also possible (typically on Windows platforms) that the plugin was installed at a different location than expected. In this case, please follow these instructions to add the folder containing the plugin to the list of locations that need to be checked.

In case 1, there’s really nothing you can do. Generally, no plugin host can access plugins that are proprietary to another plugin host. In cases 2 through 4, the failed plugin with be displayed in red at the bottom of the plugin scanner window. See this example

Installed plugin does not show up in Gig Performer, available plugins in Gig Performer

Once a plugin has been deactivated, the plugin scanner will not normally attempt to validate it again. To force Gig Performer to try to validate the plugin again, just select the failed plugin and press your backspace or delete key to remove the plugin from the list. Then perform another scan and the plugin scanner will attempt to validate it again. Note that if the plugin is not 64-bit, it will still not validate and you will need to use bridging software such as jBridge or 32-Lives to be able to use it. We do however recommend that you stick to 64-bit plugins.

Also, for general guidance around plugin installation on Windows, see this article about best practices for managing plugins on Windows.