What are Temporary Startup Options in Gig Performer

Aug 6, 2021 | Gig Performer Blog, Knowledge Base Articles, Troubleshooting

The Temporary Startup Options dialog is a new feature in Gig Performer 4 that allows you to change certain settings when you first open Gig Performer:

Temporary Startup Options in Gig Performer

Changes in this dialog will not be permanent, i.e. when you start Gig Performer again, all changes will be reverted to your existing preferences.

To invoke this dialog, either hold the Shift key and run Gig Performer or press and hold the Shift key immediately after you run Gig Performer. (Keep the key down until you see the dialog). In Gig Performer 3, this action would simply prevent Gig Performer 3 from loading the last gig (as described in this blog article). 

There are four settings that can be changes in the Temporary Startup Options dialog: Load last gig file, Scan for new plugins, Load external libraries, and Run GP Scripts automatically.

Load last gig file

By default, Gig Performer loads the last gig file with which you were working and there is a setting in General Options that controls this behavior (Reload the last gig on startup).

If you leave the default setting turned on, you occasionally might want to temporarily prevent automatic gig file loading due to several reasons:

  • You want to load a different gig file and don’t want to have to wait for the previous gig file to load.
  • You want to quickly change your buffer size and/or sample rate (this is done much faster if no gig file is loaded).
  • You want to troubleshoot your setup if there are one or more plugins that crash (read this blog article to learn more).


Scan for new plugins

By default, Gig Performer scans for new plugins on startup and there is a setting in General Options that controls this behavior (Scan for new/changed plugins on startup). If you do not install or update plugins very often, you might want to leave this option disabled and then just temporarily enable it after you install or update a new plugin.

On the other hand, if you leave the default setting turned on, rare situations may happen that the Gig Performer’s plugin scanner is stuck on startup, while scanning problematic plugins:

Plugin Scanner on startup, in Gig Performer, AU, VST3 and VST plugin host

To troubleshoot this issue, temporarily prevent automatic scanning for new plugins and review your recently installed AU plugins (Mac only), VST3 and VST plugins.

Note: even if you temporarily turn off this setting and run Gig Performer, you can still open the Plugin Manager and scan for new plugins from there.

Load external libraries

One of the new features in Gig Performer 4 is an external API that allows third-party developers to create libraries that can be used to interface with Gig Performer. 

Gig Performer 3rd party extension

If you suspect that an extension is causing issues with Gig Performer, simply turn off the Load external libraries toggle button in the Temporary Startup Options dialog and then disable the desired extensions (click here to learn more).

To learn more about extensions and see the list of currently available extensions, please visit this blog article.

Run GP Scripts automatically

Another useful feature for troubleshooting issues for users who use GPScript in their gig files. By default, Gig Performer scripts are automatically run on startup. If you disable scripting on startup, you will need to explicitly recompile each rackspace script or restart Gig Performer to resume scripting support:

Gig Performer Scripting Disabled At Startup


Disable System Actions

This feature is intended for emergencies if someone accidentally gets locked out of a rackspace due to a misprogrammed widget. To learn more about the System Actions block, check out this blog article

Enable logging

The enable logging feature allows you to log rackspace loading. The log will be placed in the Gig Performer Documents folder. This troubleshooting feature helps you to identify crashing or misbehaving plugins.

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